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Furniture Built to meet you needs

Furniture to great you!

Cherry Wood with matching profiles and finishes that made a perfect greeting to your beautiful Condo

Kitchen Table

Contemporary Wall Unit

Custom Built for you and the TV

How many hour of your life are you going to spend looking for what you want?

Furniture for the bedroom

Cool custom designed, built and finished

Little Space

Smart uses for the little space you have

Bedroom Pieces

Custom 3 piece chest of drawers

China Cabinet or Wet Bar?

Stop the debate do both!

Freestanding Dry Bar

Wow so many details

Romeo Romeo

We are not Shakespeare but Shakespeare did not build his own Cabinetry either

It takes many elements

The Custom Pecan Table and a softly glazed finish cabinetry with Glass Subway Tiles and the proper hardware. We worked closely with The Turnage Company on this kitchen in Avondale

Wine Display

You will find the Finely Crafted Wine Display case at the Aqua Grill Restaurant in PVB (Great Food)

Chest on Chest

Chest on Chest and side by side. We made a matching Chest on Chest on the other side of the doorway of the Master Closet

Unique Display Cabinet

This piece was commissioned for Dave Barry


We were so happy with our new kitchen, we had Bruce and his Craftsmen build some Custom Furniture Pieces for our home